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 1.  Call Governor Holcomb 317-232-4567 and thank him for his courageous move to BAN the BOX on all state employment applications.

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3.  Keep Indiana Superintendent of Public Education an Elected Office

4.  Bring Bottle Water and Water Filters for families in East Chicago West Calumet living with lead
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                        Ban the Box op-ed.

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, our state legislature passed an anti-ban the box bill, that if signed by the Governor, will prohibit Indiana cities and towns from passing ordinances that promote fairness in hiring.  The elimination of a simple box from an employment application levels the hiring field and expands the pool of potentially great employees.


Ban the Box simply means: (1) to delay asking questions about a person’s criminal record, at the initial application stage, (2) eliminates questions about arrests that did not lead to conviction, and (3) allowing job candidates to explain and provide evidence of rehabilitation. 


Right now, over 2.3 million individuals are in American prisons or jails.  Over 70 million Americans have an arrest or conviction that may show up on a background check. (This number includes people who were arrested but never convicted of a crime).  This is a pressing issue for the African-American community.  While people of color are only 13% of the general population we comprise 40% of the criminal injustice system.  Studies find that African-American men without a criminal record are less likely to be hired than white men with a criminal record, and the job market is even more difficult for African-American men with criminal records.  However, African-Americans are not the only ones that benefit from additional employment opportunities for individuals with criminal records. The entire community benefits as well. 


An estimated $65 billion is wasted in lost productivity each year due to the underemployment and unemployment of individuals with criminal records.  Employment opportunities are also important for public safety because stable employment is an important predictor of which individuals with convictions will re-offend.


Ban-the-Box laws or policies have been implemented in 25 states and over 150 local communities.  In addition, a number of employers have embraced fair chance hiring and have banned the box in their employment process.  Over 300 companies signed the White House Fair Chance Business Pledge.  The signatories included large companies like Walmart and Target, and smaller organizations like Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana. 


Earlier this year, Governor Eric Holcomb pardoned a man who had served 8 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.  Even with the pardon the job was not done.  When this man goes to look for a job, he will still have to check the box that say “have you ever been convicted of a crime”.  More than likely, he will not be granted an interview or the opportunity to share his story and his gubernatorial pardon with a potential employer.


While Governor Holcomb felt compelled to sign SB 312.  He announced that he would by executive order "ban the box" on employment application for all state government employment applications.  Thank you Governor Holcomb.  


We now say to private employers, you too must find the courage to do what is right and just.  Ban the Box on your job applications too.


Barbara Bolling-Williams, State President

Indiana State Conference of the

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Post Office Box 64798

Gary, Indiana  46401-0798 

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