Indiana  State  Conference  NAACP

                          Indiana  State Conference  NAACP                                                                   


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We don't have permanent enemies or permanent friends...Just permanent causes. B.R.20172801


 1.  Call Governor Holcomb 317-232-4567 and thank him for his courageous move to BAN the BOX on all state employment applications.

2.  We fight forward to ENACT a Hate Crime Bill.  Sign a Petition        

3.  Keep Indiana Superintendent of Public Education an Elected Office

4.  Bring Bottle Water and Water Filters for families in East Chicago West Calumet living with lead
5. Register to vote and join the NAACP.

Mrs.Cora Breckenridge, delivers a Lay Down Report with unmistakable passion the
importance is noted: Speedy Recovery.                                                                                                                                          1762511:48

Chrystal Ratcliffe, NAACP’s Indianapolis chapter president, rear row far right

                            Passage prompted by NAACP, IUPUI partnership


As of July 1, all Indiana high schools will be required to offer ethnic and racial studies as an elective course at least once every school year under Senate Enrolled Act 337. Act 337, a bill authored by Sen. Greg Taylor, D-Indianapolis, was signed into law last week by Gov. Eric Holcomb during a private signing ceremony.  

Chrystal Ratcliffe, NAACP’s Indianapolis chapter president, said the initial focus was on Black history, but the group expanded its approach. 

“It started with the idea of requiring teaching of African-American history in Indiana schools and became a multi-cultural education requirement with the support of IUPUI professors and a diverse coalition,” said Ratcliffe. “We are grateful to Senator Taylor for his persistence and leadership on this issue.”

Garry Holland, the chapter’s interim education chair, Ratcliffe and others in the organization worked with African-American, Native American, Latino and Asian cultural education experts to successfully push for passage of the law, the result of four years of advocacy in the Indiana General Assembly                                                                                                                               0605201710:29